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Fit Pregnancy Method is a program specifically adapted for pregnancy, therefore one of the most appropriate things you might choose to follow.

During pregnancy it is important to join a proper training program that is safe and carefully designed for this delicate moment. Your body now needs special attention, and doing the wrong exercises could be risky and cause injuries. Your goal is to maintain a healthy body and prepare it properly for childbirth.

What the pregnancy programs include​

What the program includes

The training program Fit Pregnancy Method contains more than 280 video exercises in specific circuits and full length classes. Each single trimester package contains 90+ videos, which are divided into specific circuits and full length workouts.


The workouts are built based on body weight exercises from:
- Pilates
- Barre
- Muscle toning
- Functional training
- Mobilisation
- Postural exercises
- Stretching
- Breathing

Circuit and full length classes

The program contains circuit classes where i indicate the repetitions for each exercise, but you are free to adjust based on your level. During the full length classes you will follow me, remember to take your time if needed.

Specialized classes

Within the program there will be special video content about:
- Nausea
- Dizziness
- Circulation
- Back pain
- Constipation
- Round ligament pain
- Sciatic Nerve
- Groin pain
- Relaxation
- Labour class

What you need

I try to keep things as simple as possible, but some useful equipment includes:
- a pilates mat, or a simple mat
- a chair
- a towel
- pillow
- 0.5kg or 1kg arm weights (or water bottles)


This can be one of the most precious and intense moments of your life.
Use this additional awareness to make the most of this extraordinary experience to rediscover yourself in your most intimate aspects.
Your basic awareness and the relationship you have with your body is a key component to a happy, enjoyable and healthy pregnancy.


Post Partum

A complete path that will accompany you from the beginning of the resumption of physical activity, in a gradual and specific way, to the complete recovery of your body.

The post-partum program aims to reconnect and reactivate the abdominal wall correctly, in order to achieve a flatter belly, reduce diastasis, improve pelvic floor function, and restore body tone.  For this it is built with safe and gradual exercises that adapt to the different conditions that may occur after childbirth, such as diastasis or caesarean section.
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