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In this third trimester, the classes are adapted to postural changes and they will help you to maintain good mobility awareness and perception of your body.

Third Trimester

The third trimester lasts from 27 weeks until the baby is born. During the third trimester, you will begin to see your doctor more frequently.

Your blood pressure, your and your baby’s heart rate will be monitored, your hands and legs will be checked for any swelling

Your doctor will also determine your baby’s position and check your cervix to monitor how your body is preparing for delivery.

Between 36 and 37 weeks, you will be screened for bacteria called group B strep. A simple swab will be taken from your vaginal area before being sent for a lab evaluation.

The third trimester is a good time to receive all of your labor and delivery information.

Take time to enroll in a childbirth class. Childbirth classes are designed to prepare you and your partner for labor and delivery. 

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